Friday, August 12, 2011

what i got this summer so far:)

ZARA shoes: 3990yen (market price: 9990yen)

long skirt: 390yen (Thank you! Mart)

CELINE bag: 790yen (used)

ZARA skirt: 1990yen (market price: 5990yen)

ZARA skirt: 1990yen (market price: 5990yen)

puma shoes: 1500yen (market price: 10500yen)

Max&Co. shirt: 900yen(used)

TOMMY sports tanktop: 200yen (used)

seethrough top: 480yen (used)

oversize top: 1680yen (FOREVER 21)

classic one-piece: 390yen (Thank You! Mart)

top, belts, and sunglasses by FOREVER 21

sunglasses: 300yen (FOREVER 21 yellow tag)

international color/ no matter what color we are

500yen hat
300yen tops
390yen skirt
1480yen shoes
790yen bag
3460yen in total

thi is the "buy cheaply, wear expensively" style.

Cool summer @ a mountain stream

feat. GIVENCHY:)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Night Adventure

Bought the hat for 500 yen.
love the top so bad.
I'm gonna go bed soon.
See you later. ...zzZ

I don't care the sun is sinking; I love the color of the sky

Max&Co. blouse!! Amazing design, huh?
I bought it at 2nd STREET in Hirosaki for 900yen!
Soooo reasonable!
Andn I also bought the second bag for 840yen.
My god! I'm a great shooper, ain't I?lol

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I can be a popstar

I'm back from my hometown!
Hense, I'm back to prison...haha (can't laugh)
I bought a lot of items this time, so I think I'll upload all of them individually later.
Well... be patient for a while!;)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Head to hometown!

I'm going to go to Shibuya first, then tomorrow, I'm gonna go back to my hometown!
But the typhoon is coming with me to Tokyo...
Damn! Anyways, I'll have fun!
And I may buy some new putfits!
So look forward to seeing what I bought!
I'll upload them after a while!
See you;)